Friday, March 24, 2006


Kobrinsky, The Naked one, and I, The Dead one have been working together so to while away the hours whilst waiting for someone to answer their phone we have been writing poetry together. Here's the first two of our collaborations.


It feels like a hungover morning
nebulous and clumsy
I need my coffee black
it’s not the drinking…
I’ve been thinking too much
even the smallest bean
an elusive enigma
dripped into a cracked cup
pressed to my bleeding lip
with a kiss like this
nothing could acquiesce
kissing is overrated
I flip my fag into my cup
a broken nicotine dream
a gentle lover’s spoil
a pledge to give up thinking
and drinking… for awhile

© Sarah Kobrinsky & Bette O’Callaghan


The querulous grackles
frolic on fronds
as Texas hangs her hat
over the sun
and the cars, buildings,
all the pedestrians
let out a satisfying sigh
time is no longer timorous
it quivers in anticipation
of that orgasmic moment
when we seize the power
and steal away with the hour
abscond to that dark bar
where lovers whisper
over candles and cognac
where you and I can
do the same
two friends from far flung places
powerless together

© Sarah Kobrinsky & Bette O’Callaghan

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